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This website is maintained as a window on Pentre and its past. Coal mines and mining in general have been dealt with on numerous sites and in various books. Here emphasis is more on the streets, and places that catered for the community. So chapels, churches, places of entertaiment, shops etc.  are covered along with events of local interest during the mining era. If you have any old photos, particularly of old shops, pubs, and chapels you would care to share. they would be most welcome to include in this archive.

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As a rough guide to the area covered by this site the present Pentre Ward boundaries have generally been used.

In researching the history of various places and people extensive use is made of newspaper archives which generally are quoted in the rather flowery style of the time. Few newspapers then were produced with photographs, and those that were, were usually of very poor quality, so the text had to paint the picture for the reader. Old papers are to be found in the extensive archives of The British Newspaper Archive and Welsh Newspapers On Line. Both are well worth looking at.


Modern pictures, unless otherwise credited, by M.C.Ash


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