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A collection of early postcards and photograhs. Do you have any old pictures of the area you would be willing to share. Local History is as much about PEOPLE, where they lived, worked, played and shopped, as it is about the coal mining era in general. That old photo of great-granny in a pram might well show a long closed shop in the background. Have a look through that shoe-box full of old photos on top of the wardrobe and see what you can discover about the area's past.

Pentre Hill (Ystrad Road) Looking Down.

A picture of A D Hughes Coach Works located off Ystrad Road near The Woodfield Hotel. Mr Hughes and employees posing for this picture taken by llocal  photographer Stephen Timothy.

Winter Snow - probably 1947. Seen from Maendy Road

Ton Girls 1931
Maybe one of the most featured pictures of Ton Pentre............
........This is the other side of the cigarette card!
Early photograph, believed to be about 1905
Pentre Upper School - A "Phillips Stationers" Postcard (Ernest T Bush photograph)
A Milton "Glazette" series card. Posted in 1913
A Valentines PC of early 1930s, shortly after closure of Pentre Colleries.
PENTRE: Number 2 in the Timothy Series
Hardings Britannia Series postcard. Ystrad Road looking downhill. abt 1906
Timothy postcard. The same row of shops looking uphill.
Unknown publisher. Llewellyn Street, Nazareth chapel on right

How things have changed: Cae Mawr is now an industrial Estate. The branch line to colliery has gone as has its bridges over the river and Carne Street. The bridleway from Pentwyn at that time crossed the river and linked to Volunteer Street. The incline from the quarry is clearly visible as is the colliery tip. Even the very course of the river has changed - note how close it came to the main road.

Wrench Series post card
Valentine Series post card
Wrench Series post card
Harvey Barton & Son Postcard - view from Pentre Tip looking towards Treorchy
Harvey Barton & Son Postcard - View from Pentre Tip looking towards Maendy and Ton
Pentre Colliery. Publisher not named
TME R.A. P.CO. Ltd post card
Valentines Series post card
A pre-1904 postcard view of rather poor quality. Note Rhondda Engine Works bottom centre above trees.
A Viners series postcard. Kings Hall on right is now site of the "Banc"
publisher not named
The Ystrad Station in this picture is now called Ton Pentre, a new station having been opened within Ystrad
The days before the evil of motor cars - walk in the road and be mown down by a speeding cyclist! Now you have to walk on the pavement for this to happen.
Milton Series post card
Another general view of Ton and Maendy
Phillips Stationers (Ton, Pentre) post card
Unknown publisher: Church Road. Jerusalem chapel on right. The Post office is now located where the two shops beyond the wall on the left of this picture once existed.
Valentines Series post card
Rowland's "Royal Stores". Local comments say Rowland brothers ran two stores, one (above) in Gelli Road, and the other in Church Road, now part of "A Fish Called Rhondda".
St.Davids Church enlrgement from a "Valentine" postcard
A "Phillips Stationers" Postcard
Hardings (Bristol) Postcard. Ton: St.Davids Church
St.Davids Church seen from Maindy Tip. Rail incline and "Incline Row" feature front. House roofs bottom left are in Ton Row. Ton Library is extreme left centre and like the building it replaced will soon also be no more.
Ernest T Bush Postcard - note Ty Fry farm on hillside
Norman Studios (Pentre) post card
Milton Series post card
Stewart & Woolf postcard - rather poorly tinted - posted in 1907.
Wrench Series post card
Phillips Stationers (Ton, Pentre) post card
Milton Series post card
Milton Series post card. This house is still there, minus the chimneys.


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