Emergency service changes. Check with operators if in doubt.

These restricted services are intended for essential use and children attending school only - NOT FOR SOCIAL OR RECREATIONAL PURPOSES. Please observe social distancing and wear face masks if possible.

If you are traveling, make sure you can get back. Last buses are much earlier than usual

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO RAIL USERS - On Mondays to Fridays trains operate NON-STOP between Pontypridd and Cardiff Central. If you are going to any station between Treforest and Queen Street CHANGE AT PONTYPRIDD.


Stagecoach Buses: from their website

 Special Timetables 120,130,139, 170 & 172 shown below

 Service 121 resumed from 22nd June


Some additional timing points, based on Traveline estimates have been added due to the paucity of timing points shown in the Stagecoach timetables. Intending passengers are advised to be at the bus stops a few minutes before times shown as due to the now very light traffic on the roads and times being estimated, some buses may be early.

NAT Travel: from their website

This Sunday evening journey on route 130 is shown as currently operating, however intending passengers are asdvised to check with the operator before relying on the information here.

ALL SERVICES subject to alteration at very short notice - best to check

PLEASE NOTE:  Contactless fare payment prefered on Stagecoach.

Please tender exact fare if paying in cash - no change will be given.

Not sure if the Moel Rider is running, but there are definitely no buses below.

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