Rail Service 

Timetables change from Monday 13th September restoring the 30 minute day-time frequency Monday to Saturday.

Some bus replacements still apply. See TFW journey planner for individual journey data. Masks are still mandatory on TFW trains and in stations.

 Check the TFW journey planner nearer your proposed travel date and bear in mind bus journeys will be much slower and social distancing may well reduce seating capacity on the buses.

Bus Services in or near Pentre

LAST BUSES - Fridays 24th and 31st December.

Just a thought I have every year. - In my early days in transport, when buses were run for the passengers and not corportate greed, New Years Day was not a Public Holiday so no early shut downs on 31st December, and indeed later buses run well past midnight. Too many drunken slobs today I assume. Normal services ran on Boxing Day because that was when the Sales started, and on Christmas Day buses ran into the early afternoon and were busy.

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