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There are many fine walks on the hillsides around Pentre. Some are established rights of way and fairly easy to find and walk, whilst one or two others could do with a little attention. This section will be developed to identify all the paths which are public rights of way either as footpaths or bridleways. If you are a regular walker don't be afraid to cut back overgrowth, for in this way, with care, you will help to keep paths open for yourself and others to enjoy.


In addition most Natural Resources Wales (formerly Forestry Commission) land is open access, but please remember that it may be closed for safety reasons whilst felling takes place.


Pedal cycling is permitted on bridleways, but not on footpaths. Motor bikes of any sort, and other off-road vehicles are not permitted on any of the rights of way within Pentre. nor on open access land or forestry access roads (except where they have the specific permission of the land-owner). There has been an increase recently in off-roading by quad-bike users and the damage they cause is plain to see. If you witness such events please phone 101 and report it (location date and time).


Dogs should be kept under close control at all times, and on a lead on paths which cross farm land.

A view from Pentre Road bridleway. Taken from a spot only a couple of hundred yards from the start of the track behind Pentre House, it shows you do not have to climb to the top to find good views.


This is a view from the bridleway between Maendy and The Bwlch, an extremely scenic walk in its own right.

Alongside Pentre Brook:


Path now cleared for a second time after a several years covered in brambles. It is however an ongoing battle to keep brambles cut back, so it would be a help if walkers here were prepared to undertake, with care, a little trimming as they pass along it.

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This website is maintained as a window on Pentre and its past. Coal mines and mining in general have been dealt with on numerous sites and in various books. Here emphasis is more on the streets, and places that catered for the community. So chapels, churches, places of entertaiment, shops etc.  are covered along with events of local interest during the mining era. If you have any old photos, particularly of old shops, pubs, and chapels you would care to share. they would be most welcome to include in this archive.

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As a rough guide to the area covered by this site the present Pentre Ward boundaries have generally been used.

In researching the history of various places and people extensive use is made of newspaper archives which generally are quoted in the rather flowery style of the time. Few newspapers then were produced with photographs, and those that were, were usually of very poor quality, so the text had to paint the picture for the reader. Old papers are to be found in the extensive archives of The British Newspaper Archive and Welsh Newspapers On Line. Both are well worth looking at.


Modern pictures, unless otherwise credited, by M.C.Ash


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